On the ballot in November:

“Shall the city retailers’ sales tax in the amount of one percent be extended for a period of five years from and after the first day of October 2019, in the City of El Dorado, Kansas to take effect on the first day of October 2019, with the first $600,000 to be allocated annually for street rehabilitation within the City of El Dorado, the next $1,650,000 to be allocated annually for property tax reduction, the next $100,000 to be allocated annually for a fund for economic development purposes, and with the balance being distributed per Ordinance G-1281, which retailers’ sales tax shall continue in full force and effect?”

There is still time to register for the upcoming election.  The registration deadline is October 16, 2018.

Advanced voting begins October 22nd at 8:00 am (County Courthouse) and ends November 5th, with the General Election to be held on November 6, 2018.  

The City has generated an average of $2.46 million in local sales tax since 2012.  Those funds represent approximately 18% of the City’s general operating budget. The General Fund is used to fund various public services such as, law enforcement, fire protection, park maintenance and operations.

A “Yes” vote will allow for the continuation of the one-cent (1%) local sales tax.  The funds generated are to be allocated as follows:

  1. $1.65 million to property tax reduction;
  2. $600,000 to street maintenance;
  3. $100,000 to economic development; and
  4. The remaining balance to the “excess” sales tax program to be allocated to municipal projects and functions.

Additionally, it preserves the existing five-year sunset provision, requiring the sales tax to be re-authorized by voters in five years or otherwise sunset.

To learn more, visit http://www.eldoks.com/404/Sales-Tax- Vote-2018