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Reception for Dr. Roger Marshall

Dr. Roger Marshall has deep ties to Butler County.  A candidate for US Senate, Marshall will be the guest at a public reception for him January 18th from 12:30 to 3 p.m. at the 526 N. Star Venue in El Dorado. 

He is the grandson of Butler County farmers, son of El Dorado former Chief of Police, Victor Marshall, and has continued friendships with many El Dorado High School classmates and residents. 

Marshall graduated from EHS in 1978, attended Butler Community College, graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, and a Doctor of Medicine, with a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.  He has served in his ob/gyn practice in Great Bend since completing his residency.

He served 7 years in the U. S. Army Reserves.  

Also a farmer and rancher, an emphasis of his life has been to support and encourage those in the agricultural field.  He was recently a leader in getting the United States, Mexico and Canada trade agreement passed. (USMCA)

Standing up for life,  jobs, families, values and  faith, have been goals of his life and career.

Currently a U.S. House of Representatives member from the big First Kansas District, his desire is to continue to serve all of Kansas and the USA.  He currently serves on the national committees for agriculture, science space and technology.

He and his wife Laina have four children and two grandsons. 

In addition to being an advocate for agricultural interests, he is a strong advocate for the pro-life movement. 

Learn more about Marshall’s life and public service at the public reception, hosted by Ben and Jean Plummer, Dan and Joyce Demo, Chris and Allison Locke, Steve and Molly Vestring and Kerri and Marv Loucks.

Homeless Know More

Sierra Marie Bonn, founder of the social initiative, “Let’s Go Full STEAM Ahead!” appeared before both the El Dorado City Commission and the Butler County Board of County Commissioners to inform them of her work on curating resources, in one location, for the homeless population as well as people and organizations interested in helping to address the issues surrounding homelessness.

Sierra Marie Bonn speaking before the Butler Board of County Commissioners to share her initiative “Let’s Go Full STEAM Ahead!” and website 

Her initiative advocates for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) education equity. 

According to Bonn, “Technology analysts have estimated that there are over one million tech jobs going unfilled in the United States, this year. In order to encourage more people to enter the innovation workforce, we need to address the root causes and the barriers to entry, which include basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.” 

According to HUD’s 2018 Annual Homelessness Assessment Report to Congress (AHAR), on a single night in January 2018, there were and estimated 36,361 unaccompanied homeless youth under the age of 25. Of those, 89% were college age students between the ages 18-24.

Sierra Marie Bonn speaking before the El Dorado City Commission to share her initiative “Let’s Go Full STEAM Ahead!” and website

Bonn said, “For students to succeed in education, the need to be able to focus on education — not worrying about where they can sleep safely at night.”

“Homelessness is not a problem that can be solved by one person or one conversation. There are many individuals and organizations who are independently working to address both homelessness and the issues adjacent. By compiling information, we can build a compendium of resources — for those looking to receive resources, and for those looking to provide them,” she said. 

To that end, Bonn has created to be the central mode of curating that information.  On the website, there is a form for community members and organizations to share their knowledge of resources currently available. This information will be compiled into a database for local governments, legislators, and people interested in addressing homelessness in their communities. 

She requested the Commissioner’s assistance to help spread awareness of this website and to encourage others to share their knowledge of resources available.



El Dorado, KS —Butler County continues to experience issues with phone service due to problems with our provider Windstream. The majority of Butler County offices are currently without any incoming phone lines. Butler County Dispatch and 911 lines are functional as they are on a separate system. As such, the public cannot call into many Butler County offices. The County’s outbound lines and service are functioning, permitting calls to be placed to outside agencies.

According to Butler County Administration, “The issue was discovered around 4:30 PM Thursday, December 18 , and a work order was promptly placed with Windstream. The County is continuing efforts to work with Windstream to restore functionality. However, little to no progress has been made and the County has filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in an effort to escalate the issue to gain a resolution. Butler County is actively investigating alternative solutions and will update our citizens throughout the process as updates are available.”

BCC Nursing Students Pinned 

El Dorado, Kan. – The purple gowns began to flow into Butler Community College’s gymnasium to the traditional Pomp and Circumstance and the tears of joy seemed to flow instantly from family members who supported them. Sixty-five Nursing graduates filed onto the floor to take their place as Butler’s Fall Nursing Class of 2019.

The ceremony, held Thursday evening at the College’s El Dorado campus, marked the one-year anniversary of Butler and the University of Kansas Nursing celebrating dual graduates of both their programs.

This December, five graduates also received their University of Kansas BSN degree as part of a Butler associate degree in nursing (ADN) and KU Nursing partnership launched in 2016. During the ceremony, Jennifer Beall, Nathan Aung Maran, and Madison Cary of Wichita, Halie Rose Smith of Yates Center, and Melissa Wedel of Andover were presented their KU Nursing cords by Christy Streeter, Dean of Health, Education and Public Services at Butler.

Five Butler Community College nursing school graduates also received their University of Kansas BSN degrees last week during the annual pinning ceremony held at Butler’s El Dorado campus. They are pictured from left to right: Halie Smith, Yates Center; Madison Cary, Wichita; Nathan Aung Maran, Wichita; Melissa Wedel, Andover; and Jennifer Beall, Wichita. These students mark the third class of graduates under the partnership between the two nursing powerhouse institutions.

This group marks the third class of KU graduates as part of the nursing-school partnership. Students earn degrees from both institutions when they enter the Butler and KU Nursing programs at the same time and simultaneously complete face-to-face course work at Butler and online instruction through the KU Nursing program. With the aid of faculty members from each college, students receive both their associate degree in nursing and their bachelor’s degree in nursing at the same time.

The ceremony included a welcoming address from Dr. Beth Eagleton, Butler Associate Dean of Nursing and Allied Health, and greetings from Lance Lechtenberg, Butler Board of Trustee member; Kim Krull, Ph.D., president of Butler Community College; and Lori Winningham, vice president of Academics.

Trustee Lechtenberg pointed out this class is now part of an alumni base which has graduated from a top 10 nursing program in the state as designated by In addition, he noted that 95% of the graduates already have jobs. This class is well on its way to meeting the expected Butler tradition of a 100 percent job placement rate within six months of graduation.

Pictured left to right are Kelsey Schlageck of Wichita, class president, and Rachael Henry of Park City, class vice president and Butler Student Nursing Association membership chair, share a smile prior to their Nurses Pinning Ceremony held at Butler Community College last week.

Kelsey Schlageck of Wichita, 2019 Class President, addressed her fellow nurses and expressed her gratitude on behalf of the class to Butler’s faculty for their dedication, commitment and patience as each of them worked to achieve this milestone. 

“Thank you doesn’t begin to scratch the surface.”

“I gained an immense amount of knowledge. . . and confidence in my abilities to critically think,” she said. She also shared moments and insight of being a nursing student and a nurse that delighted those with the professional knowledge. 

Rachael Henry of Park City, 2019 Nursing Class Vice President, lead the class in reading the International Council of Nurses’ Pledge.

Since 1965, Butler Nurses have received a pin upon graduating with an associate in applied sciences in nursing degree. The practice of pinning nurses began in the late 19th century in London. By 1880, the symbolic rite was brought to Bellevue Hospital in New York City. Since then the practice has become commonplace at nursing school graduations.

Besides receiving graduate nursing pins, the following recognitions were presented:

American Red Cross

Two graduates were recognized for volunteer efforts by members of the American Red Cross, Central Plains Blood Services Region.


Medical Reserves Corps Award

Four graduates completed an online program for Public Health Preparedness and volunteer work through the Butler County Health Department.


Mentoring Program

Nine students were commended by Butler faculty for participating in a mentoring program that enables third and fourth semester nursing students to mentor first and second semester nursing students.

Nursing Graduates by Hometown: (all awards denoted, see award legend below)

Andale: Nicole Robben

Andover: Desiree Firsching, Melissa Wedel (KU, M)

Bel Aire: Elizabeth Sells (M), Hanna Wilkinson

Clearwater: Brooke Winter (M)

Derby: Paige Adams, Charles (Brad) Bagby, Tara Greiving, Peyton Madison, Jennah McKee

El Dorado: Jessica Horner, Taylor Lawrence (MRC), Katie Schwartz, Destiny Smith

Eureka: Rebecca (Hamilton) Samuals (MRC), Kate McDonald, Halie Smith (KU)

Goddard: Morgan Bowen, Michaela Cinotto,

Halstead: Jordan White

Haysville: Jessica Warren, 

Leon: Kerri Young (M)

Maize: Ashley Lawrence

Newton: Melissa Tennyson 

Park City: Rachael Henry, Class Vice President, M, BSNA Chair

Peabody: Courtney Schmill          

Potwin: Whitney Lowmaster (MRC)

Rose Hill: Leah Smith

Towanda: Lydia Hepburn, Charity Hon

Valley Center: Julia Kuepfer, Erica Willis

Wichita: Diana Aguilar, Jennifer Beall (KU), Emma Bennett, Yasmin Bennett, Kelsey Schlageck (Class President, M), Kyle Broz, Lindsay Buckert, Madison Cary (KU), Katherine Castellanos, Skylar Downes, Cheyenne Edwards, LoRisa Fouch (+, M), Katlyn Fox, Michelle Harper (M), Briana Higgins, Monalisa, Liyumba, Nathan Aung Maran (KU), Mychala Money (MRC), Kelsey Olson, Rachel Patterson, Jennifer Roe, Ricardo Sanchez, Stephanie Schumaker (M), Sarah Shaw, Linnea Smidderks, Baylee Smith, Kayla Smith, Angela Sung, Ariel Troutman, Elayna Wall, Audrie Warnick (+)

Winfield: Leah Dunn

Yates Center: Halie Smith (KU) (formally of Yates Center, now living in Eureka)

Pictured left to right are Kelsey Schlageck of Wichita, class president, and Rachael Henry of Park City, class vice president and Butler Student Nursing Association membership chair, share a smile prior to their Nurses Pinning Ceremony held at Butler Community College last week.

(KU) – Butler ASN graduate and KU Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate

(BSNA) – Butler Student Nursing Association officers

(+) – American Red Cross Recognition

(MRC) – Medical Reserves Corps Award Recipients

(M) – Mentoring Recognition


Nations Wreaths Across America Day

National Wreaths Across America Day is Saturday, December 14, 2019, this year.

Wreaths Across America coordinates wreath­-laying ceremonies at more than 1,600 locations across the United States, at sea and abroad. The ceremonies In El Dorado will begin at 12:00p.m.

Debbie Kellogg, left, Wreaths Across America founder, Morrill Worcester, center, and DeLane Kellogg, right. 

The Kellogg’s pick up the wreaths from the Walmart Distribution Center in Ottawa. They will be delivering wreaths, along with their daughter, to the three El Dorado cemeteries, Sunset Lawns Cemetery, Walnut Valley Cemetery and Belle Vista Cemetery  on Saturday.  

Members and volunteers from the Captain Edgar Dale American Legion Post 82 and Auxiliary Unit 81 in El Dorado will be on hand to help lay wreaths. 

According to Debbie Kellogg, there are currently 108 wreaths to be laid, this year.  

Home At Last

El Dorado welcomed home one of her native sons, more than 77 years after his death.

Seaman Second Class Wilbur Clayton Barrett was among the 429 Sailors aboard the USS Oklahoma in Pearl Harbor when it was struck on December 7, 1941.

Wilbur Clayton Barrett

He remained among the unidentified and was listed as one of the unknowns from the USS Oklahoma that have been buried in mass graves at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

Seaman Barrett was the son of Maynard Reace Barrett and Nora Ellen Barrett.

While he never married, Barrett sent letters back home to his family suggesting he had met a girl and fell in love. His last letter was written a week prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

While those who knew and loved Barrett are no longer with us, some of his living relatives made the journey to El Dorado, joining representatives from the Navy and numerous local residents, to honor Barrett’s life and sacrifice with full military honors during a repatriation ceremony.

Butler County Christmas Early Office Closures

El Dorado, KS — Butler County offices will close at 12 PM on December 24th and be closed through December 25th in observance of Christmas. Some offices will stop accepting new transactions at 11:30 A.M. Please see the list below for more information.

The following offices will be closing at 11:30 AM on December 24, 2019.

Butler County Motor Vehicle: No transactions will be completed after 11:30 AM. Please contact the Butler County Motor Vehicle Department at 316-322-4200 with questions. 

Butler County Register of Deeds’ Office: Electronic Recordings must be received in the Register of Deeds’ Office by 11 AM. Over the counter recordings will be taken up to 11:30 AM. If you wish to have your documents recorded on December 24th please submit with ample time for the County to attend to your documents. If you have any questions please contact the Register of Deeds’ office at 316-322-4113.

Butler County Driver’s License Office: No transactions will be completed after 11:30 AM. Please contact the Butler County Driver’s License Office at 316-322-4205 with questions.

The Butler County offices will reopen Thursday, December 26, 2019.