Sunflower Field & Silo

It’s sunflower season and thanks to Diana Burress and her husband Walter, who plants these beautiful flowers each year and opens their field to the public for free, many family photos and senior portraits will be taken during the 10 day window that the flowers are in bloom.

Diana Burress points to her favorite sunflower on the silo.

But this year sunflower lovers have a new photo backdrop to enjoy. Last year the Burress’ decided to hire someone to paint an old forty foot silo on their property.

Burress used a scaffold from Kerry Unrein Painting and Signs in Augusta, in order to paint the forty foot silo.

“My husband wanted to see sunflowers from the front porch of our house so he put out a call for painters. While we had many people interested in the project, they wanted to charge a lot of money,” said Burress.

“We couldn’t afford to do it,” she said, “so I thought I can do this’ and voila.”

Burress doesn’t claim to be an artist but the silo says otherwise. Above is the first sunflower she painted.

Burress began painting the silo as soon as sunflower season was over last year and it took her from mid September until the end of October to complete.

“My kids call me the crazy sunflower lady,” said Burress. “I love sunflowers. They are my favorite flower and it is also the state flower,” said Burress, a Realtor located in Augusta, Kansas.

“Over 15 years ago my husband planted a few sunflowers around the house for me to enjoy and I would invite my clients and their families to come and take pictures. “

“After a few years, he started planting out in this field and more people started coming, just by word-of-mouth,” she said.

Burress keeps her clients and the public informed when the field is in bloom through her Facebook page “Diana Burress – B Realty Realtor/Broker.”

“They are almost ready,” said Burress. “I think by [Labor Day Weekend] the field should be in bloom.”

“They are only good for about 10-14 days. By day 10 they start to look raggedy,” she said.

The sunflower field, located Southwest of Augusta off of Thunder Road and 115th Terrace, is free and open to the public.

“This year we have a couple of different things going on as well,” said Burress. “ We will have signs with QR codes that will link you to my site so you can post your pictures on there. We love to share the pictures so we encourage people to do that.”

“We also have a QR that will link you to the Marketplace 67010,” she said. “I have some memorabilia there. Some t-shirts, postcards, and sunflower seeds for birds will be for sale.”

“Last year Walter planted 143 acres of sunflowers,” said Burress. “They are the black oil sunflower seeds for bird feed. The seeds will also be available at Schneider Feed, Lawn & Supply.”

“We want everyone to come on out to the field next weekend,” she said. “We don’t charge people to come and take photos,” said Burress “it’s a goodwill gesture.”

Car Show & Wheat Festival Fun

Agritourism at Walters’ Pumpkin Patch

Agritourism saw a decline in 2020 due to the pandemic but Walters’ Pumpkin Patch is open for business, creating new events and welcoming families to the farm.  They held their first annual “As American As Apple Pie Car Show and Wheat Festival” on Saturday, June 26th.

Antique cars on display during the car show.

From antique cars on display to activities including the Giant Jumping Pillow and train rides through the property, there were family friendly events that provided fun for everyone. 

The Giant Jumping Pillow is a popular activity among kids of all ages.

A bread and apple pie bake off, hula hoop contest and vendors showcased the best of the Kansas wheat industry and provided wheat education for attendees. 

Marian Vavra educated guests about Kansas Wheat and had her beautiful wheat weaving products for sale. She presented Miss Southwest Sierra Bonn a bouquet of “Bob Dole Wheat”

New to Walters’ Pumpkin Patch is the expanded scarecrow maze, VIP campsites, mega slide, new obstacle course and singing chicken show.

Glenda Giro, Sierra Marie Bonn and Darlene Andrews voted for their favorite baked goods at the Apple Pie and Bread Bake-off.

Another of the many new spaces on the property, the Pickled Pumpkin, offers beer and wine concessions in a designated area.  Alcohol can only be consumed in this area.

Kerri Smith and Rae Ann Starkey serving up concessions at the Picked Pumpkin. The Pickled Pumpkin offers beer and wine concessions in a designated area. Alcohol can only be consumed in this area.

As their motto says, “It’s more than pumpkins, it’s pure fun!” and many new events are being planned at the farm.  

Hula hoop contest

This year has already seen a Galentine’s event in February and August 14-29 the Sunflower Festival takes place at Walters’. 

Miss Kansas 2021 Candidate Sierra Marie Bonn and Princess Anastasia
Beautiful fireworks illuminated the night sky and rounded out the first annual event.

To learn more about upcoming events at Walters’ Pumpkin Patch or how to host a private event, visit