BCC ACBSP Business Student Leader Award

Butler DECA President, Mara Stewart, receives annual leadership award

EL DORADO, Kan. – This year’s Butler Community College ACBSP Business Student Leader Award recipient is Mara Stewart of El Dorado. Stewart was nominated by Marketing Department Chair Jared McGinley. 

Butler Community College Marketing student, Mara Stewart was recognized for the Accreditation Council for Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) Business Student Leader Award.

The Accreditation Council for Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) developed the Business Student Leadership Award to recognize excellence in business student leadership. Butler business faculty nominate students they feel exemplify business leadership. Faculty then review applications and select the recipient. Recipients are presented a plaque as well as have their name placed on a perpetual plaque on Butler’s campus.  

Stewart, a May 2021 associate degree graduate, was very involved at Butler. She entered Butler on a scholarship for singing and dancing with the Butler Headliners, worked as an intern for Butler’s College Relations & Marketing Department, was an Order of the Gold recipient achieving a 4.0 GPA, and served as President of Collegiate DECA, a professional business fraternity. 

Her involvement in school activities led her to attend numerous conferences and seminars to improve business and leadership skills, tour various businesses, and compete in business case competitions. Over the past two years at the Kansas Collegiate DECA State Conference, she placed first in Event Planning with partner Beth Walker, first in Business Ethics with partner Sophia Dawson, and individually placed third in Travel and Tourism.  

As President of Collegiate DECA, Stewart was active in fundraising, as well as organizing and leading weekly meetings. Stewart also organized and led a Leadership Development Conference for all the Kansas DECA college chapters in the state, and helped plan, organize, and lead a trip to Kansas City where the chapter met with the marketing team of Sporting Kansas City.  

In addition to her studies and involvement on the Butler campus, Stewart has worked at two additional jobs, and regularly volunteered at her church. Stewart plans to continue her studies to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Oklahoma Christian University.  

Tosh Named to Wichita Business Journal List

Superintendent Teresa Tosh was named one of Wichita Business Journal’s Women Who Lead in Education.

Teresa Tosh is the Superintendent for
El Dorado Public Schools USD490

The honor recognizes local educators for their career accomplishments and contributions to the success of other women. Community members can nominate an outstanding female educator who also meets the following criteria: leadership status in their organization, longevity in their career field, and living and working in the Wichita area.

Tosh describes her leadership style as eclectic. She tries to demonstrate servant leadership and transformative skills, but says that building relationships is a key component of her leadership strategy.

“It isn’t as much about the leadership style as it is about valuing the people you serve,” Tosh said. “It’s about letting them know that you believe in them and trust them to do great things for your students and your school.”

During her twenty-five years in education, Tosh has taught English Language Arts at the secondary level, taught special education classes, served as a special education teaching specialist and as an elementary curriculum director, and was an assistant superintendent of learning services before becoming the USD 490 Superintendent. She says her former teachers were her greatest inspiration for pursuing a career in education.

“They say the greatest form of flattery is imitation,” Tosh said. “And I wanted to be just like them.”

Tosh says what she enjoys most about her current role as superintendent is the people she works with. She enjoys seeing the students learn and grow and watching the staff support and engage students in the learning process.

“Sometimes, I just pause and look around, feeling truly blessed and grateful to be working alongside some of the very best in this business,” Tosh said.

There were only 21 educators from K-12 and post-secondary education facilities chosen for the 2020 Women Who Lead in Education. Tosh’s full article can be found on the Wichita Business Journal’s website, but cannot be viewed without a paid subscription.

The Daily Spot

There’s a fun new spot in town – The Daily Spot. 

Owners Desiree Maw and Brandon Newton held a soft opening on Thursday, August 12th at their new location in the strip mall at 2710 W Central in El Dorado. 

Owners Desiree Maw and Brandon Newton serve up shakes and smiles to customers.

The Daily Spot sells nutritional meal replacement shakes, protein snacks, herbal and energy teas and coffees. 

“All of the taste with none of the guilt,” Maw tells customers.

“We saw over 100 people in 3 hours yesterday,” said Maw. 

The hours of operation for the Daily Spot will be from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.  They have plans to extend hours in the future. 

There are over 100 flavor combinations.

Maw and Newton recently moved to Kansas from Edmond, Oklahoma, and have locations in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas.

Maw said they saw an opportunity to open stores in the small cities outside of Wichita. 

“We moved here to impact communities and provide a positive outlet,” said Maw. 

Maw said, “Jordan Buxton with the Chamber of Commerce supported us and help us get connected with Butler and Circle and El Dorado Schools to plan give back days and fundraisers to be announced in the future.”

“We are excited as time goes on to be a safe place where students can study, business owners can have meetings and moms can bring their kids. We want to be a safe place for people to hang out and be themselves,” said Desiree.

Butler students Jaelyn Sheffler, left, and Riggin Carney, right, stopped in after class to try the shakes.
Behind them are owners Desiree Maw, left, and Brandon Newton, right.

Butler students Riggin Carney and Jaelyn Scheffler stopped in after hearing about it on social media and from a friend.

“I’ll definitely come in to study,” said Carney. 

With a variety of shake flavor combinations, customers can try a different flavor everyday of the month.

After trying the mint Oreo shake Sheffler said, “It’s really good.” 

“Mine tastes exactly like a Banana Nut Muffin,” said Carney. 

A Grand Opening is scheduled for Saturday, August 22nd from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with giveaways provided and other small businesses on hand to help celebrate.

“We will have a specialty drink for sale, said Maw. “And we will have a good time.”

Essential Businesses Identified

The El Dorado Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping members, as well as non-members, during this challenging time.  

Executive Director, Jordan Buxton is staying abreast of ever evolving changes, “We are working hard to bring you the most up-to-date information and it is continually changing,” 

Through their weekly “Monday Morning News” the Chamber is working hard to assist area businesses transition through the stay-at-home order.  

“I want to make sure that our members are aware of the changes,” said Buxton.  

On Saturday, March 28th Governor Laura Kelly issued a statewide stay-at-home order.  Among the list of allowable activities includes essential business functions identified as Kansas Essential Function Framework (KEFF).  

KEFF focuses on four functional areas: Connect, Distribute, Manage and Supply. Individuals,  included in this framework, are allowed to leave home to perform work activities as necessary for the continued operation of these essential businesses.  

Individuals in areas of business, not deemed essential by KEFF, are required to work from home. 

The El Dorado Chamber of Commerce distributed a list of essential businesses as identified by the state of Kansas in Executive Order 20-16.  

Buxton encourages individuals, whether members or not, to subscribe to the weekly email newsletter to receive  information affecting business and employment, as it becomes available. Sign up is available on the chamber website.

Kansas Essential Function Framework (KEFF) 


  1. Operate Core Information Technology Networks
  2. Provide Cable Access Network Services
  3. Provide Internet Based Content Information and Communication Services
  4. Provide Internet Routing, Access, and Connection Services
    • Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency
  5. Provide Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Services
  6. Provide Radio Broadcast Access Network Services (includes Traditional Television)
  7. Provide Satellite Access Network Services
  8. Provide Wireless Access Network Services
  9. Provide Wireline Access Network Services


  1. Distribute Electricity
  2. Maintain Supply Chains for Essential Functions and Critical Infrastructure (as defined by DHS)
  3. Transmit Electricity
  4. Transport Cargo and Passengers by Air
    • Manufacture, distribute, sell, or maintain aircraft or aircraft parts
  5. Transport Cargo and Passengers by Rail
    • Manufacture, distribute, sell, or maintain trains or train parts
  6. Transport Cargo and Passengers by Road
    • Operate or maintain gas stations and associated convenience stores and restaurants (but only as allowed in KEFF 400.6.b)
    • Deliver mail, packages, food, groceries, beverages, or other cargo (this applies to transportation by air, rail or vessel as well)
    • Manufacture, distribute, sell, or maintain automobiles or automobile parts
    • Transpmi faim equipment, supplies, seed, and personnel to farming operations
  7. Transport Cargo and Passengers by Vessel
    • Manufacture, distribute, sell, or maintain cargo or passenger vessels or parts for such vessels
  8. Transport Materials by Pipeline
  9. Transport Passengers by Mass Transit


  1. Conduct Elections
  2. Operate Media Outlets
  3. Develop and Maintain Public Works and Support Services for Essential Functions
  4. Educate and Train Essential Functions Personnel
  5. Enforce Law
  6. Maintain Access to Medical Records
  7. Manage Hazardous Materials and Waste
  8. Manage Wastewater
  9. Operate Government
    • Perform government contracts
    • Operate public and private schools to the extent allowed by other executive orders, including Executive Order 20-07, and under direction of the State Board of Education, the State Department of Education, and Kansas Board of Regents.
    • Perform the essential operations of State, county, and municipal governments
    • Operate State Constitutional offices
  10. Perform Cyber Incident Management Capabilities
  11. Prepare for and Manage Emergencies
    • Manage or operate planning, cleanup, or other emergency responses, including private entities.
  12. Preserve Constitutional or Legal Rights
    • Manufacture or sell firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition
    • Perform or attend religious or faith-based services or activities
    • Perform legal services
  13. Protect Sensitive Information
  14. Provide and Maintain Critical Infrastructure
    • Construct or repair roads
    • Construct, maintain, or clean buildings
    • Produce or distribute construction materials
    • Maintain specialized manufacturing or industrial equipment
  15. Provide Capital Markets and Investment Activities
    • Perform accounting services
  16. Provide Consumer and Commercial Banking Services
  17. Provide Funding and Liquidity Services
  18. Provide Identity Management and Associated Trust Support Services
  19. Provide Insurance Services
  20. Provide Medical Care and Services, Including Mortuary Services
    • Provide pharmaceutical services
    • Provide funeral or memorial services
  21. Provide Payment, Clearing and Settlement Services
  22. Provide Public Safety
  23. Provide Wholesale Funding
  24. Store Fuel and Maintain Reserves
  25. Support Community Health and Mental Health Services
    • Operate laundry services



  1. Exploration and Extraction of Fuels
  2. Fuel Refining and Processing Fuels
    • Produce or deliver propane or natural gas
  3. Generate Electricity
  4. Manufacture Equipment Used for Essential Functions or Critical Infrastructure (as defined by DHS)
  5. Produce and Provide Agricultural Products and Services
    • Manufacture or maintain agricultural equipment
    • Manufacture or distribute agricultural supplies such as seeds and chemicals
    • Raise, process, or distribute poultry, livestock, or other animals for human consumption
    • Prepare, till, plant, maintain, or harvest grains, fruits, or vegetables
  6. Produce and Provide Human and Animal Food Products and Services
    • Manufacture or process food or food products
    • Prepare or serve meals for takeout or delivery
    • Sell groceries, including alcoholic beverages (not for on-site consumption)
  7. Produce Chemicals
  8. Provide Metals and Materials
  9. Provide Housing
    • Operate or maintain rental property
    • Operate or maintain student housing
    • Operate or maintain long-term care or senior living facilities
    • Construct, supply, clean, or maintain single family homes or other housing
    • Provide real estate services
    • Operate or maintain housing shelters or charities
    • Operate or maintain animal shelters
    • Operate or maintain hotels or motels
  10. Provide Information Technology Products and Services
  11. Provide Material and Operational Support to Defense
  12. Research and Development
  13. Supply Water



Inspire Butler – Fireside Chats | Jeff Turner

El Dorado Chamber of Commerce and El Dorado Inc., presented their first “Inspire Butler – Fireside Chats” on Wednesday, November 6, 2019.

The intimate conversation was held at the Performing Arts Center in El Dorado.  The guest speaker was Mr. Jeff Turner, former CEO of Spirit Aerosystems, who shared his tips on leading a successful professional career.

Sam McVey, left, facilitated the conversation with Mr. Jeff Turner, right. 

Guest arrived to a friendly greeting from Chamber staff, Olivia Haselwood. 

Attendees had the opportunity to mingle during a networking social held prior to the event.

Pictured here, from left to right, is Chamber of Commerce President Loren Jack speaking with Butler Community College President, Dr. Kimberly Krull. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Jordan Buxton speaks with Guest Speaker, Jeff Turner.