Kansas Association of Broadcasters Awards

I want to highlight the Butler Community College Mass Communication program (I hope it doesn’t sound too much like bragging).

Pictured, from left to right, Madeline Reida, Tucker Ashburn, Ross Cole, Kameron Buss and Deanna Bonn.

We have amazing opportunities at Butler Community College for young (and not so young) people who want to learn about and/or develop their skillset in media production (or any field, honestly).

I graduated with a degree in Marketing in 1999. And spent much of my time in promotion for non-profit. I developed a passion for telling the stories of our community (in audio, video and written formats) partly as a way to improve my brain health after a difficult battle with memory loss and cognitive impairment.

When I returned to school in 2019, it was to help me improve those skills.In these past two years, I have had the privilege of working with faculty and staff both in and out of the radio and television stations. Not only did I receive hands on training but the confidence to get out of the classroom and make my mark on the world through the stories I tell.

This post isn’t about me, while I am proud of my work and will continue to grow and improve, my heart lies in helping our next generation find their voice and tell the stories that resonate with them.

My goals have always aligned with giving them a platform and a megaphone through whatever medium(s) they choose. My love of El Dorado gave me a unique perspective of the need for industry that will recruit and retain those voices in our community.

Everyday El Dorado was my answer to that void. The Mass Communication program at Butler provides students with real-world experience and the confidence to pursue their dreams. Please feel free reach out to me if you (or someone you know) are interested in learning more about the program, how you can improve your story telling through multi-media, or if I can assist you in telling those stories. I would love to help you!

Congratulations, to all the students for their great Kansas Association of Broadcasters accomplishments, but more importantly, to the program and the instructors who pour their hearts into it.

World College Radio Day

Butler Community College Radio students participated in the 10th annual World College Radio Day by hosting 12 hours of live programming on KBTL 88.1 The Grizz on Friday, October 2, 2020.  KBTL is one of over 600 college radio stations across the world to participate and is being recognized for participating in all 10 years.  

The goal of World College Radio Day is to raise a greater, international awareness of the many college and high school radio stations that operate around the world.  By encouraging people who would not normally listen to college radio, to do so on this day, World College Radio Day helps celebrate the important contribution of college radio.

According to their website, “The organizers of College Radio Day believe that college radio is one of the last remaining bastions of creative radio programming, free from the constrictions of having to be commercially viable, and a place where those involved in its programming believe passionately in its mission. College radio is the only free live medium brave enough to play unsigned, local, and independent artists on a regular basis. Indeed, many famous and successful bands today, owe their initial break to being played on college radio. Put simply, college radio is an important part of the media landscape because of its unique and fearless programming.” 

The original idea for College Radio Day was conceived by Dr. Rob Quicke (General Manager, WPSC FM, William Paterson University, NYC market), and was founded in December 2010 by Quicke, who worked with Peter Kreten (General Manager, WXAV FM, Saint Xavier University, Chicago market) to help develop the idea.

Butler Brings Home 14 KAB Awards

Butler students in Broadcast Journalism receive 14 awards from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters. 

EL DORADO, Kan. – On March 16th, the Kansas Association of Broadcasters announced the results of the 2020 KAB Student Award competition. In Kansas, all two-year and four-year programs compete against each other. Nine Butler students received five first place, five second place and four honorable mention awards. First and second place winners receive a custom plaque, while those receiving an honorable mention will take home certificates.

Over the 23 years the KAB has sponsored a student production competition, Butler has received nearly 100 first place awards, more than 70 second place awards and more than 90 honorable mentions for a total of 265 awards. 2020 marks the fourth year in a row Butler has received more honors than any other two-year program in the state.

According to Keith West, Butler radio general manager and television advisor, “I’m very proud of all of our students in the mass communications program. Their practical skills consistently earn high awards that translate into jobs in the industry. Our success in the Research Paper categories against four-year universities proves Butler is a winner in academics as well.”

The following Butler students received awards, with first and second place winners receiving a custom plaque, and honorable mentions receiving certificates:

  • Austin Ashcraft – Valley Center High School (Wichita, Kansas)

o   First Place – Undergraduate Radio – Complete Newscast < 3 Days/Week “Butler News Update 1-31-20”


  • Deanna Bonn (El Dorado, Kansas)

o   First Place – Undergraduate Radio – Station Promotional Announcement “EldoRADIO”

o   First Place – Undergraduate Radio – Public Affairs Program “EldoRADIO – IPS/Government Day”

o   First Place – Undergraduate Radio – DJ Personality “EldoRADIO”

o   First Place – Undergraduate TV – Research Paper “Multimedia Journalists”

o   Second Place – Undergraduate Radio – Promotional Audio “Let’s Go Full STEAM Ahead

o   Second Place – Undergraduate TV – News Anchor “Deanna Bonn”

o   Second Place – Undergraduate TV – Documentary “Est. 1919”


  • Adam Fernz – Augusta High School (Augusta, Kansas)

o   First Place – Undergraduate Radio – Complete Newscast < 3 Days/Week “Butler News Update 1-31-20”

  • Anthony Gorges – Garden Plain High School (Mount Hope, Kansas)

o   Honorable Mention – Undergraduate Radio – Research Paper “Kevin Harlan”

  • Wesley Hager – Valley Center High School (Sedgwick, Kansas)

o   Honorable Mention – Undergraduate Radio – Complete Sports Feature “Wyatt Thompson”

Bruce Hirayama
Bruce Hirayama is the Student Station Manager for KBTL 88.1 The Grizz

  • Bryce Hirayama – Clovis North High School (Fresno, California)

o   Honorable Mention – Undergraduate Radio – Complete Sports Feature “Wyatt Thompson”

o   Honorable Mention – Undergraduate Radio – Sports Play-By-Play “Midwest Classic Bowl”

  • Adelyn Hobbs – Home School (Bel Aire, Kansas)

o   Second Place – Undergraduate Radio – Research Paper “Mass Communications in WWII”

  • Jordon Plowman – Wichita East High School (Wichita, Kansas)

o   Honorable Mention – Undergraduate TV – Research Paper “Gordon Parks’ Trail Through Change”

  • Madeline Reida – Goessel High School (Goessel, Kansas)

o   Second Place – Undergraduate TV – Research Paper “Box Office Bombs”