Promoting Confidence in Voting

On National Voters Registration Day, the Board of Butler County Commissioners heard from Angie Frison of Election Systems & Software during a work session.

Commission and Angie.JPG

The commissioners are considering the purchase of new voting and tabulating machines.

Angie showing machine.JPG

According to Ms. Frison, the demand for paper ballots has increased in the wake of the probe into Russian meddling of 2016 election.

vote and tabulate
Angie Frison of ES&S discussing the voting and tabulation machines.

Voting will be a two-step process in the future with the tabulator(left) counting the ballots created by the and ballot machine (right).

sorting vote machine.JPG

As she demonstrated the machines, she explained their functions.  The DS450 would aide in sorting ballots including mail-in ballots.

Further work sessions will be held to identify potential sources of funding.